How it works
Create your credit builder account

This is the first step to improving your credit score – signing up to Wollit’s credit builder app

Get your action plan

Understand what’s holding you back and get your action plan for boosting your score

Make your payments

Your monthly payments will build your credit profile and contribute to increasing your score, this could also include your rent payments

Watch your score improve

With time and consistant payments your score could improve

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How can I sign up for a Credit Builder Account?

To sign up for a Credit Builder account, simply click “Get Started” The link will take you to the Wollit website where you can download their app. Once the app is downloaded, follow the registration process, and you’ll be all set up and ready to go!


How do I cancel my Credito Account?

To cancel your Wollit credit builder account, head to the cancel page on their website or email a cancellation request to

How much does a this credit builder account cost?

An automatic monthly payment from £9.99 will be taken from your account each month; this payment gives you access to the credit building tools, you’re a personal credit expert and your payments are reported to the credit report agencies each month, which will contribute to increasing your score. You can cancel at any time by contacting

What does a Credit Builder Account entail?

When you register for a Credit Builder account from Wollit, you will be paying from £9.99 a month, which we will report to the credit bureau as successful repayment of a financial agreement in the same way as a personal loan or credit card is reported as paid. This can strengthen your credit score and open up more borrowing opportunities in the future.

As you continue to make your payments each month, your credit score will continue to improve.

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