Best Apps To Monitor Credit Scores

Updated: December 03, 2023 Author:

Quick answer: There are a range of credit score monitoring apps to consider. Experian offers one of the leading paid options, while the likes of CreditWise and Credit Karma are free to use and can help you adopt healthier habits and build your credit score.

    Why should you use an app to monitor your credit score?

    Knowing your latest credit score is a key part of being able to plan your future spending and to assess the sources of finance at your disposal. Having access to an intuitive, user-friendly app will demystify the world of credit scores while allowing you to be proactive when it comes to improving your score. With a number of apps offering scores that are updated weekly, as well as additional add-on features, it’s time to look closer at some of the major players in the market. 

    Experian is a leading subscription credit score monitoring app  

    While there are plenty of free credit monitoring apps available, we’ll begin with Experian’s £14.99 a month offer. 

    For those who are happy to add another consumable to the monthly household budget, the app offers a range of additional resources. The core of the app relies on Experian proactively requesting your payment history from lenders to generate a personal credit report, but this is only the beginning. 

    The score will be updated weekly, allowing you to see how adjustments you make to your spending and repayment habits impact your score. This is a smart way to ensure you’re always aware of how your choices impact your future spending options. 

    Key points you need to know: 

    • The Experian subscription fee includes insurance against identity theft
    • Within the app you can find tip sheets and articles on improving your credit score
    • Explainer videos are regularly added to the growing resource library 

    Pave is a credit score monitoring app that helps improve your score 

    Improving your finances can be stressful, even overwhelming, if you don’t know where to start. This is where the Pave app comes into its own. 

    Pave pulls data from all the major credit ratings agencies to create an accurate and up-to-date credit score that reflects your current circumstances. They then connect you with personal recommendations delivered by credit monitoring experts so you can see how to improve your score and fix your credit. 

    One of the really innovative things about Pave is that the app will actively help you apply for a personal loan to cover bills and incidentals. This then helps you improve your credit score because you can demonstrate your ability to make payments in a timely and consistent manner. 

    Key points you need to know: 

    • Pave costs £9 per month and is pitched at households with restricted finances
    • Your credit score will be actively monitored so that you receive personalised advice
    • The app can help you apply for a small personal loan to lighten the load of bills while you improve your credit score 

    The ClearScore credit score app helps protect against fraud 

    While many think of poor credit as the result of defaulting on repayments and having too much debt, falling victim to a complex fraud is another possible case. 

    With cases of identity theft on the rise due in large part to poor online security levels, ClearScore has decided to do something about it. Their app is free to download and pulls information from Equifax to generate an up-to-date credit score without delay. 

    The app will then actively monitor your credit report in the background, keeping track of any warning signs that fraud is taking place using your details. This is a particularly effective way to ensure that leaked or stolen passwords are not the start of a downturn in your credit score. 

    Key points you need to know: 

    • ClearScore has made their app free to download and have partnered with Equifax 
    • The app is designed for anyone who wants to take a more active approach to credit 
    • An expert team will track and monitor your report, flagging up any warning signs of fraud or stolen personal details 

    Credit Karma is a trusted free credit score app 

    Credit Karma focuses on showing users how to adopt and implement healthy and sustainable financial habits. The side effect of which is an improved credit score and greater access to funding and lending options. 

    The app pulls information on your credit profile from Equifax and TransUnion every week, ensuring you have a current and accurate picture of your credit score. This is ideal for those who want to be able to track their progress on a regular basis. 

    A key feature you may want to look more closely at is the eligibility checking tool. It takes your latest credit score and uses it to filter your loan options so you can see what you can qualify for as your score continues to improve. 

    Key points you need to know: 

    • Credit Karma uses a combination of data from Equifax and TransUnion every week 
    • An in-built eligibility tool shows you the loans you qualify for as your score improves 
    • The app is designed to promote a healthier approach to spending and managing money 

    CreditWise is a free credit score app from Capital One 

    Making the right decisions on a consistent basis is one of the fundamentals of improving and then maintaining your credit score. Capital One developed their credit score app to help you do exactly that. 

    The app uses data from TransUnion to update your credit score every week, allowing you to track your progress and options with ease. You will also receive personalised tips and pointers on how to further improve your score thanks to the experts at Capital One. 

    An innovative feature is the new credit score simulator which allows you to see the impact potential purchases and decisions would have on your credit score. 

    Key points you need to know: 

    • Capital One have made the app free to use and it comes with custom feedback 
    • Your credit score will be updated every single week so you can see your progress
    • The smart credit score simulator helps you see the impact of your potential choices on your credit score