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how-do-uk-credit-scores-work How Do UK Credit Scores Work?

Key takeaways: The UK has three main credit reference agencies, each with different scoring systems, meaning there’s no universal credit…

the-ultimate-guide-to-fixing-a-bad-credit-score-uk The Ultimate Guide to Fixing a Bad Credit Score

Key takeaways: A bad credit score categorizes you as high-risk to lenders In the UK, there are three primary credit…

what-is-the-best-credit-score-company-in-the-uk Which Credit Scoring Company is the Best?

Quick answer: Although their scoring scales differ, the credit scoring companies offer the same thing. Lenders generally use two credit…

where-can-i-get-a-loan-with-bad-credit-and-no-guarantor Where Can I Get A Loan With Bad Credit And No Guarantor?

Quick answer: You can get a loan with bad credit and no guarantor from several UK lenders. We compare 30+…

can-bad-credit-stop-you-from-renting-a-property Can Bad Credit Stop You from Renting a Property?

Quick answer: Yes, having bad credit could stop you from renting a property. The following could help provide landlords and letting…

is-poor-credit-the-same-as-bad-credit Is Poor Credit the Same as Bad Credit?

Quick answer: Yes, the terms ‘poor credit’ and ‘bad credit’ refer to the same thing: essentially a low credit rating.…

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It’s crucial to compare financial products before making a decision, particularly for those with challenging credit. Our website offers the chance to access loans, credit cards, and car finance options designed for individuals with imperfect credit scores. Utilising our credit matching tools could help you save money and safeguard your credit score from additional harm.

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When you apply for financial products, providers conduct a credit check to assess your creditworthiness. Rejections can negatively affect your credit file and decrease your likelihood of approval for other credit. At, we help pair you with suitable providers using our credit matching tools before you submit a formal application. Receiving a quote comes with no obligation to proceed with the application.

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